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What's in your Newsletters By Catherine newsletter each month?  Just about everything you'll ever need.

Take a look at the list below to find out some of what's available. Or Click Here to see a sample full-featured newsletter.

checkmark.png Pre-Written Feature Article Each month your newsletter will feature an "Article Of The Month" on topics such as: Decorating For The Holidays;  Tips For Kid-Friendly Design; The Importance Of Plants In Your Home; How To Pick The Perfect Color Scheme; Choosing Pet-Friendly Finishes; How To Arrange A Bookcase; Setting Up Your Home Office; Eco-Friendly Design Ideas; and more.

You'd write articles just like these yourself.... if only you had the time.

Each article typically contains a "call to action" that encourages clients to contact you, such as "For more information, call us at 123-456-7890". And of course, you have complete freedom to change an article any way you like before we send out your newsletter!

checkmark.png Quick Tip  You also get a short, to-the-point designer tip on a particular topic: candles; hanging pictures; displaying musical instruments; and more.
checkmark.png Inspirational Quote  Whether you call it "Points To Ponder", "Thought Of The Month", "Reflections", each month your newsletter will contain an inspirational, thought-provoking quote.
checkmark.png Joke Of The Month  Make them smile with a family-friendly joke each month!
checkmark.png Sudoku Puzzle  Brain Food.... a different sudoku puzzle each time.
checkmark.png Events List Teaching a regular class or a one-time workshop? Exhibiting at next month's Home Show? Use the Newsletters By Catherine Calendar Wizard to set up your list of events for the upcoming month.
checkmark.png Links, Links, Links..... ....To your web site, archived newsletters, newsletter sign-up, information on upcoming events, special "preferred client" page - whatever you want!
checkmark.png Your News and Views If you like, log in and dash off a quick couple of sentences. It only takes a few extra minutes, and you'll personalize your newsletter even more. You can talk about how you helped a particular client. Promote your other services and products. Or spotlight a limited-time special offer. Whatever you like!

A particular item not appropriate for your business? No problem, you have complete control over your content - just go to your "Newsletter Setup" page and choose which items you want to include each month.

If you want to make changes or add your own content, it couldn't be easier!

Our intuitive EZ-Editor looks just like standard word processing software such as Microsoft Word, so relax - you don't need to know HTML or any of that Web mumbo-jumbo.

You also have full access to the Newsletters By Catherine Graphics Library. It's full of useful graphics such as divider bars, backgrounds, bullets, and much more.

Browse through the selection, choose the one you want, and click!  It's in your newsletter.

It just doesn't get any easier that that!

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