Why Use A Newsletter?

interior design software for your own monthly newsletter

As Interior Design Professionals, our business is about relationships as much as it is about expertise.

Let's face it... there's lots of competition out there. So how do you make sure you're the one they call?

You spend a lot of time networking... handing out business cards... getting contact information and email addresses. But building a relationship with your clients and prospects takes regular communication. To touch base. To offer a helping hand or a little valuable advice now and again. Even to just remind them that you're still around!

You could call your complete list every month or so, but that can start to become burdensome after a while, both for you and your clients.

After all, how many times can you just "call to touch base" without it sounding like you're just trolling for business? And who has the time to make dozens, if not hundreds, of calls each month?

Wouldn't it be great if you could get in touch regularly with all of your list, in a way that would build a relationship... subtly promote your knowledge and expertise... so that you'll be first in line when it's time for that remodel or referral?

Even better... what if doing all this took only a few minutes each month? And cost less than a dollar a day?
Ah, if only......

A "Client Communications Program"... just for interior design professionals!

You can stop dreaming! The answer is right here... your very own customized e-newsletter, exclusively for Interior Design Professionals!

Why a newsletter? And why email?

Well, marketing via email is far and away the most convenient way to reach large numbers of people at minimum cost. And a monthly newsletter is far and away the best way for busy professionals like you to build a relationship with your client base.

For the complete scoop on what you get with our interior design software, click on the "What You Get" link up top. The bottom line, though, is that sending a monthly information-packed newsletter to your client base under your own name is the best way to keep in touch, demonstrate your expertise, and make sure that when it's time for that next remodel, refresh or referral, your name is the one that's top of the list!

Even better than that - with a "Newsletters By Catherine" newsletter, you can do it all in just a few minutes each month!

Your Monthly Newsletter

Once you've signed up, every month you'll get a unique interior design newsletter ready to send out to your email list.

Your newsletter is fully customized for you, with your own business name, logo, contact information, and even photo! Not only that, it's full of information that your clients will love! Your newsletter content includes any (or all - you can change it at any time!) of the following:

  • An "Article Of The Month" - valuable information to help your readers beautify their homes. Written by a professional interior designer (me!), articles talk about design topics such as: Eclecticism, Making the best use of Family Heirlooms, How to be environmentally sensitive in your home decor, how to decorate with pets in mind, how to handle returning kids (or parents!), and much more. The articles are useful, timely, and relevant to today's busy homeowners. And of course, you have complete freedom to make any changes you like!
  • A "Designer Quick Tip" - give your readers quick ideas and suggestions that they can put into action right away.
  • Designer Terms Explained - help your readers appreciate a few of the complexities of what you do with simple explanations of common interior design terms and concepts.
  • Inspirational Quote Of the Month - drawn from a wide range of sources.
  • "On The Lighter Side" - Our joke of the month... family-friendly, guaranteed!
  • Suduko Puzzle - a little brain food!
  • Events List or Calendar - teaching a class or workshop? Exhibiting at the Home & Garden Show? Let them know!
  • Your Own Unique News & Views - Your newsletter is completely editable, so you can add your own personal touches - news and views, details of upcoming workshops, upcoming special offers, etc.

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